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PunishedBrats.com is one of the very few spanking websites with a spotless reputation, one of those sites who never let their members down. Online since 2006, their Updates List speaks for itself: since more than 12 years, they are publishing new updates every week, always hard at work, accurate like a clockwork. If you are a spanking enthusiast, and if you are tired of all the empty promises made by so many other wannabe-premium spanking sites today, then PunishedBrats.com will surprise you! Admittedly, their website design is not exactly state-of-the-art… but hey, who cares about site design? What really matters is exclusive authentic corporal punishment videos, and boy, they do deliver!

Previous Updates

- Editor's Choice -

Misuse of Medical MarijuanaThis spanking started with several hard smacks to the seat of her jeans, then on her panties. When Adriana didn't seem to be getting the message, down came her underpants and now her bare bottom was under assault by Skyler's hard hand and hairbrush.
Big Sister Takes Charge - Part 1Adriana finally let out a few disrespectful words to her sister, and this required the lowering of her pants so that the punishment was felt without the interference of clothing. After another rude comment, Audrey lowered her little sister's panties and spanked her bare bottom.
First BlushOnce naked, Nadia took a hard spanking upon her naked ass with the Delirious Hunter's crop and hand. Nadia did her best not to cry and comply with this intense Mistress's desires. After several minutes of this, Delirious Hunter noted that is was time for bed.
The College Girl And The Nanny - Part 2Alexis' boss pays her an on the job visit to discuss Audrey's drinking while under her care. Alexis may be used to being the one to dole out the punishment, but as her boss, Ms. Wells believes it's the nanny herself that is in need of strict discipline.
Spanked Before Bed - Part 2As the medicated young brat cried out from pain and embarrassment, Serenity realized that this punishment could, and would soon, get worse, while Skyler began mocking her with her precious Pusheen all while delivering an intense spanking.
The Dancer's DisciplineSerenity was instructed to lower her leotards in preparation for her spanking. The shocked student of the dance noted that she was naked beneath her dance garments. Miss Skyler noted that she was aware and that this was not the first time she needed to discipline a student in such a fashion.
Discipline At Experienced Girlfriend, IncThe task of spanking her always fell to Mr. Pierson, who spanks hard but Audrey also feels safe with him. Today her discipline is being carried out by Chloe Noir who employs a very different style of spanking. It was all Audrey could do to maintain her control as Chloe provided the discipline.
Strict Stepmother - Part 2Julie wants her stepdaughter to help her prepare dinner but Tara refuses to get off the phone. Julie remains calm, hangs up for her, and informs her that she will be spanked before the night is through. Shortly before bed, Tara sheepishly appears in her pajamas for her punishment.
The Discipline Of CadenceThe Discipline Of Cadence. Part (1) Sisterly Love. Part (2) Disrespectful Schoolgirl. Part (3) Date Night.

Best Of Punished Brats

- Visitor's Choice -

Team RulesCoach Pierson confronted her and reminded her of the team rule regarding missing practice. To maintain her scholarship, she needs to report to the coach any time where she would be required to miss practice and in this case she did not follow the process.
There Is A Man In The HouseSoon Lexi realized that this punishment was to be like no spanking she had received before. Every whack of the brush was delivered with all of the force Adriana could muster.
Chloe's Curfew - Part 2As Chloe's spanking progressed, and she felt the sting of the hairbrush and her Dad's hand, she tearfully promised to adhere to her curfew. Finally, it seemed that her punishment was over, as her father turned her around to verbally chastise her.
Clean This Place Up - Part 2Autumn's bare bottom was spanked until she concurred to keep the apartment clean and be more thoughtful in the manner in which she behaved with her boyfriends. In the matter of her relationships with her gentlemen friends , she had her fingers crossed.
The Hooligans - Chloe's Spanking - Part 1After watching her little sister spanked to tears, Chloe's heart was in her throat as her turn came. As is her way, she tried to maintain her composure and talk her way out of her spanking. Unfortunately, her father was not open to negotiation.
Credit Counseling- Audrey Pays Her Debt Part 1She went over Mr. Pierson's lap and after that first spank landed, Audrey wondered if it would be better to have them take a finger or toe. Then, her bottom was bared much to her horror.
Reform Schoolgirl Nadia White: Punished By Birch And CaneAs the birch found its mark time and again a desperate Nadia promised that she would not misbehave. Once her punishment was over she was reminded that tomorrow she would receive her court ordered caning which would now be delivered upon an already sore bottom.
Chloe's Curfew - Part 1She didn't arrive home until after three. Waiting up for her was her dad. After hearing her poor excuse she was bent over the bed for a spanking. The first minute was to the bottom of her skin tight pants. Then those, to her dismay, were lowered and the spanking proceeded upon her bare bottom.
What Did You Do? Part 1Audrey was sitting quietly at home when in walked her roommate who angrily inquired 'What Did You Do?'. When Audrey gave Autumn sass about her activity that afternoon, much to her horror, Audrey's panties were lowered and her spanking continued on her bare bottom.
Trouble At School - Part 2Kitty cried uncontrollably as she was disciplined with the birch. Once her spanking was over, Kitty was walked to the window with her red bottom on display. She was quite visible to the girls walking by.
Daliah Needles Us AllIn this household egregious behavior is dealt with via spankings. As the spanking went on, Daliah pleaded with her mother to stop. Her mother said she would stop spanking her with her hand. Instead, she took off one of Daliah's shoes and spanked her with the shoe for a time.
The Dancer's Discipline - Part 2The naked girl was spanked hard until her dance mistress felt her bratty yet talented dancer had learned her lesson as indicated by her agreeing to practice more diligently, and from the red glow given off by her bottom.
Girl Trouble 9 - Variety Show - Part 1When the IT department determines Nyssa was the cause of the malicious computer virus being spread throughout the company, her boss Beverly informs her the warnings are done and gives her a red hot OTK spanking.
Guitar Lessons Gone Wrong - Part 2Serenity could not hold back the tears as the sticks wielded by her father landed time and again on her bare bottom. Despite her promises not to behave in such a manner again, her punishment continued until Serenity's father believed she had truly learned her lesson.
My Sister's WineWhen asked about the missing wine, Audrey admitted that she and a few friends had drunk the precious fluid, oblivious of the cost. Enraged, Skyler took her sister over her lap and started to spank her. The discipline was initially applied to the seat of Audrey's tight jeans.
Out too late + FearVeronica took her bratty niece down stairs, affixed her to the library stairs with rope, and gave her a sound beating on her panties with a think leather paddle. Then her panties were lowered and a thin cane was used with stokes coming in rapid succession.
Detention Day One - Mia and the Meter Stick - Part 1Pierson arrived, he wasted no time and instructed Mia to come to the front of the room. She was required to lift her skirt, lower her panties, and bend over the desk. He informed the girl that she would be receiving 30 strokes of the meter stick.
Piper - The New Coach - Part 1Piper does not make a good impression on her new coach when she shows up extremely late to practice and presents with a haughty attitude. Veronica makes an impression of her own when she takes the girl over her lap for a bare bottomed spanking.
College Girl Punished - Part 1Her mother was not at all happy with her daughter's behavior, and attempted to discuss the matter with Nadia. It was bad enough being spanked, but when Nadia insisted that the spanking cease, her mother took down her panties. Nadia was struck by disbelief, then her mother's hand.
Sunday School - MiaAfter the tumult of the night before neither Mia or Lily could get up for church the next morning. When Aunt Skyler returned they knew that they would regret this decision. After talking with her pastor it was agreed that she would follow the biblical teaching, spare the rod and spoil the offspring.