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Corporal Punishment Videos

PunishedBrats.com is one of the very few spanking websites with a spotless reputation, one of those sites who never let their members down. Online since 2006, their Updates List speaks for itself: since more than 12 years, they are publishing new updates every week, always hard at work, accurate like a clockwork. If you are a spanking enthusiast, and if you are tired of all the empty promises made by so many other wannabe-premium spanking sites today, then PunishedBrats.com will surprise you! Admittedly, their website design is not exactly state-of-the-art… but hey, who cares about site design? What really matters is exclusive authentic corporal punishment videos, and boy, they do deliver!

Previous Updates

- Editor's Choice -

Mia Caught MasturbatingMia removed her panties and began to pleasure herself with thoughts of her exposed bottom before the other cheerleaders dancing in her head. So engrossed was she in this activity she failed to notice the arrival of her mother into the room.
Weaponized Detention Day Two- Part OneAudrey reported to detention with Dr Pierson as was required. Her heart skipped a beat when she learned that on this day she would be strapped on her bare bottom. Audrey lowered her panties and bent over the desk. She let out a loud shriek when the strap landed upon her exposed bottom.
The Experienced And Inexperienced GirlfriendKnowing she faced a hard punishment, Nadia walked in with much trepidation as she had watched her friend's Delirious severe punishment. She realized that her fears were well founded. As soon as David landed the first smack of the leather paddle, Nadia felt like a lightning bolt had gone through her.
Saturday Morning Spanking - Part 1The night before, Kitty had turned on her TV at 3 AM and awakened her mother. After a brief conversation, she was taken over her mother's lap, her PJ bottoms were taken down, and a hard spanking ensued. Soon, she found herself sobbing as her mother's firm hand landed upon her bare bottom.
Punished Brats - Our Maid - Part 1+2Never before had Adriana felt more humiliated, but after Skyler resumed spanking the maid being spanked was now much more concerned with the pain emanating from her bottom, than she was at her exposure.
Why are your pants down? - Part 2Adriana was spanked until Skyler's husband felt that his wife's cousin had learned the seriousness of her offense. Once her spanking ceased, she was made to kneel on the couch, upon which she had been disciplined, with her red and bare bottom on display.
Discipline Of A Difficult Daughter - Part 2Pi is heading out wearing a tiny scrap of cloth she calls a dress. David won't allow her out of the house unless she changes and when Pi flat out refuses, he has her bend over the railing for an extremely hard paddling.
Spanked in WonderlandWhen asked where she had been, it seemed as if the girl had gotten into her mother's best stuff. Her mother desperately asked her what it said on the package, Serenity replied 'Eat Me.' This earned this modern day Alice a bare bottomed spanking.
The Editor's StoryAfter Joelle and Bianca were done spanking Audrey, a high powered editor from a publisher in New York, Joelle kissed her and said, 'next time you can spank me.' With that, Audrey was sent on her way. After the kiss, Bianca looked unhappy. Could this encounter lead to trouble for Bianca and Joelle?

Best Of Punished Brats

- Visitor's Choice -

Audrey Making It Up - Part 1Audrey shouted from both pain and anger as David landed his first few slaps to the seat of her dress. As David proceeded with the spanking Audrey slapped his hand. Within seconds she was now being spanked on her bare bottom with cast and crew watching crying out from the pain and embarrassment
Spanked Before Bed - Part 1Prior to her bedtime, Serenity was summoned into the living room. Her mom made it clear that she was certain that her daughter had been getting into her medicinal cannabis and that a spanking before bed was in order.
Dahlia's Bedtime Spanking - Part 1She admitted that she deserved her punishment as she fearfully went over her father's lap. Dad placed the hairbrush in Dahlia's hand and instructed her to hand it to him when he requested it. Then, her panties were lowered in preparation for her spanking.
Daliah Needles Us AllIn this household egregious behavior is dealt with via spankings. As the spanking went on, Daliah pleaded with her mother to stop. Her mother said she would stop spanking her with her hand. Instead, she took off one of Daliah's shoes and spanked her with the shoe for a time.
First BlushOnce naked, Nadia took a hard spanking upon her naked ass with the Delirious Hunter's crop and hand. Nadia did her best not to cry and comply with this intense Mistress's desires. After several minutes of this, Delirious Hunter noted that is was time for bed.
Starting Over - Part 2Kitty was spanked hard by big sister Audrey with her frilly panties down until tears ran down her face and snot came leaking from her nose. After her spanking, Kitty was made to sit upon the hard bench upon which she was spanked to sit in time out.
Big Sister Takes Charge - Part 1Adriana finally let out a few disrespectful words to her sister, and this required the lowering of her pants so that the punishment was felt without the interference of clothing. After another rude comment, Audrey lowered her little sister's panties and spanked her bare bottom.
Chloe's Bedtime Spanking - Part 2David was determined that even the stubborn Chloe learned her lesson from the spanking. Her begging and pleading while the hairbrush landed time and again on her bottom let David know that her punishment was having the desired effect.
Model Troubles Series - Part 1After a brief discussion regarding some issue, Chloe was taken by the ear into the kitchen and taken over Audrey's knee for a spanking. As her pants and then panties came down, Chloe became aware of the video cameras pointed in her direction.
Chloe's Curfew - Part 1She didn't arrive home until after three. Waiting up for her was her dad. After hearing her poor excuse she was bent over the bed for a spanking. The first minute was to the bottom of her skin tight pants. Then those, to her dismay, were lowered and the spanking proceeded upon her bare bottom.
The Hooligans - Part 2She was made to stand in the corner with her PJs off watching her sister take her spanking. As she stood there watching and rubbing her sore bottom, she couldn't help but dwell on the fact that their father had promised them both another spanking at bedtime.
Dorm Spanking - Part 2As Jessa was spanked by Miss Skyler upon her bare bottom she was also fearful of this humiliation being witnessed by her classmates as her discipline was being carried out in a common area.
I Want A VacationAudrey tried to be playful in the hopes of avoiding the punishment she knew to be coming. After a quick discussion Audrey found herself over John's lap and rapidly needed to admit the error she had made. She was in for a long, hard spanking.
Dark Dance - Winter and SummerPart 1: The Pain Of Loving and Living - Winter : Social Faux Pas. Part 2: The Pain of Loving and Living - Summer : Literary Criticism. Part 3: Painful Partings - Winter : Into the Cold. Part 4: Painful Partings - Summer : The Gift Of Memory.
Things have to change - Part 1It seemed that Audrey was spending thousands of dollars beyond her monthly allowance, and Adriana, the world famous one with an inclination for adventure, had been driving her father's car at speeds exceeding 100 mph. It wasn't as if these girls weren't warned.
Why Are Your Pants Down? - Part 1Upon his arrival home, Skyler's husband was greeted with the image of Adriana on the couch with her red bottom exposed. Upon inquiring as to what offense put her in such a state, she admitted that she had been smoking weed in the house.
The Family Business - Part 2The Family Business - Cousins Joelle and Pi have entered into business together. Joelle's business driven personality often clashes with Pi's free spirited artistic nature.
Cousin's Perils - Part 1 + 2One day Skylar approached her cousin Adriana, Skylar was well aware that Adriana has used her card for medicinal marijuana to obtain said herb. When it was learned that she had been smoking it in the basement, cousin Adriana found herself over Skyler's lap for a hard, bare bottom spanking.
Smoking In The Schoolyard - Part 1 - SerenityWhen she bent over he could see that she had no panties on. The Headmaster made the girl stick out her bare bottom for spanking. Soon there was no more sass, just cries as the headmaster's hand landed time and again on the brat's bare bottom.
Principal Spanks Student - Party AftermathMari's heart sank when she was informed that her punishment was a hard spanking with the wooden paddle. This sort of spanking would clearly leave marks that would remain for several days making it impossible for her to hide what have been done.