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Spanking Pain for Disobedient Girls

'Real Life Spankings' and 'Spanked in Uniform' offer you more than 150 young ladies in need of regular corporal punishments to keep their disobedience and bad behavior under control, sometimes even on a daily basis.

2,000 full spanking videos along both sites, accompanied by more than 1,000 High Quality Photo Galleries, are providing insight into a guy's strict regime, where any attempt of female disobedience or misconduct will be punished with a sound spanking on their bare bottoms, without exception. Doesn't matter if these poor girls are crying their eyes out, even doesn't matter if their naked buttocks are already swollen, black and blue or covered with weals... this guy truely knows how to keep a girl in line! Hardly a day goes by without a sobbing girl finding herself naked in the corner, rubbing her sore bottom, with her face drowned in tears. Welcome to the home of Ă«Real Life Spankings' and 'Spanked in Uniform', where the intense use of the belt, the paddle and the cane is a daily routine!

Jan 21Punished For Smoking Part One

Schoolgirl Foxxy Angel was sent to detention again and the Headmaster paid her a visit. She was sent to detention for smoking in the school and in part one she gets a sound spanking over the Headmaster's knee. After the spanking she had to lay over her desk for Punishment Lines and a sound paddling which can be seen in part two.

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